How does Laser Rejuvenation work?

Laser Rejuvenation helps to create a more youthful complexion by gently heating water molecules within the skin, breaking down the treated tissue, thereby encouraging it to heal. It’s this healing process that sparks new collagen to form. The new collagen cells help to revive your skin’s tone and texture, while scarring and pitting in the skin is literally ‘pushed out’ and smoothed from beneath as the skin’s structure is improved.

Each Laser Rejuvenation session will take around 20 minutes, and there is no downtime. As collagen takes a while to grow, it could be up to six months before you see the final results of this treatment.


Prices start from just $69 per treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments, service and spa package offerings.


What are the benefits of Laser Rejuvenation treatments?

Whether you want a light superficial touch-up to diminish the early signs of ageing and improve skin texture, or you require deeper therapy to address skin irregularities and remodel collagen, Laser Rejuvenation treatment can produce amazing results.

  • acne and acne scarring
  • uneven skin tone and texture
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • discolouration (melasma)
  • stretch marks
  • enlarged pores
  • sun damaged skin.