How does Double Chin Treatment work?

Sitting below the jawline, the extra pillow of fat that creates the appearance of an ‘extra chin’ usually makes people feel and look older or heavier. And, unfortunately, exercise and diet have little impact on making it go away.

Architects of Skin is provides a completely innovative non-surgical option to achieve a more streamlined jawline.

The injectable solution works in a similar way to how bile breaks down fatty foods in our stomach. The solution is a synthetic form of bile that ‘destroys’ fat cells so that the fat is consumed by the body. In addition, the body recognises this dramatic form of fat removal as an injury and launches into ‘repair mode’, causing new collagen to form under the chin, further tightening the area.


How are the benefits of Double Chin Treatments?

The treatment involves the patient receiving multiple small injections of a special prescription drug in the problem area. The drug is known as Belkyra (Kybella®) and was approved for use in Australia in February, 2018.

You will normally see results within 30 days after just one or two 15-minute sessions. The injectables do cause some swelling, redness and pain, which requires patients to have one or two days of downtime.


Prices are available upon request. Please contact us for more information to get the most accurate price for the treatment you’re after.