Non-Surgical Face Lift


Harness the power of ultrasound therapy to rejuvenate your face – diminishing the unwanted signs of ageing. You’ll be eager for your next selfie!

A non-invasive treatment, our Non-Surgical Face Lift uses high ultrasonic energy to heat the tissue in several different layers of the skin. This triggers a natural regenerative response that stimulates the growth of new collagen and tightens and lifts the skin.


A Non-Surgical Face Lift results in an overall more youthful and refreshed appearance.

During the first week you will notice a slight lifting of your face and a plumping of fine lines. There still might be a bit of minor swelling and tenderness present.

A month later, the positive results will be a little more pronounced as new collagen forms. Then, 3-6 months down the track, your skin should be significantly tighter with your brows more elevated, less sagging present and a much improved texture and tone.

As you naturally age, you may require further treatments.

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