Skin Tightening & Strengthening


Beauty really does begin on the inside. Just like we need to build up our muscles to shape and tone, we also need to strengthen the structure of our skin so that it continues to appear youthful and radiant.

At Architects of Skin, many of our treatments centre on boosting collagen and elastin growth. These are fibres that support your skin’s structure – think of them as the building blocks of your skin. Collagen gives skin its firmness while elastin, as its name implies, enables your skin to stretch and bounce back tight; it is elastic. They are both abundant in young skin, but start to break down as you age and as a result of exposure to the sun.

Our skin tightening and strengthening treatments (see below) can deliver great results all over the body, so whether your goals is to tighten saggy areas, plump and smooth your skin or stave off further ageing, you will find a treatment to suit.

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