Laser Repair Resurfacing


If acne scarring, or other facial and body scars are affecting your quality of life, our Laser Repair Resurfacing treatment could make a world of difference.

Lasers are very well-suited to treat a wide range of scar tissues – acne, acne scarring, pitted scarring, surgical and traumatic scars – safely and effectively.

Our state-of-the-art laser utilises two different wavelengths to comprehensively treat the scarred area. Using this pioneering dual-wavelength technique we are not only able to treat the visible surface of the scar, but the structure underneath it as well. This provides immediate visible and long-lasting results that surpass conventional scar-treatment techniques.

To improve acne scarring

The Laser Repair Resurfacing treatment involves precise and gentle skin resurfacing, whereby the laser beam is absorbed by the very top layers of skin to vaporise scarred tissue. The process also encourages new collagen to grow, which further plumps the pitted areas, ultimately smoothing the skin’s surface.

To improve raised and thick scarring

We use a similar laser treatment to that of acne scarring, but combine it with Nd:YAG wavelengths to ramp it up a notch. Clinical research has shown that this further improves the appearance of the scar, including minimising its volume, improving elasticity and reducing any redness.

Downtime is usually minimal following Laser Repair Resurfacing, and depends on the extent of the treatment. The visible results are immediate and vastly improve over the following months as collagen grows to support the skin’s structure and rejuvenate its surface. You may need 4-10 treatment sessions, depending on the level of scarring.

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