Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Hair Loss


Our advanced and cost-effective hair-loss treatment can regenerate and repair damaged hair follicles so that you can enjoy a healthier head of hair for longer.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair-loss treatment thickens and strengthens the fine spindly hair that grows from damaged hair follicles without the need for daily chemical applications, expensive surgical procedures or downtime.


PRP hair-loss treatment is a proven and safe procedure that uses the body’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. After taking a small sample of your blood, we process it immediately to extract a sample of serum containing concentrated growth factor proteins. We then inject these growth factors into the scalp where they activate and stimulate collagen-producing cells. This process regenerates and repairs damaged hair follicles and improves the overall health and condition of your scalp.


The earlier you start, the better the response to the growth factors will be. PRP hair-loss treatment can only repair follicles if they still exist – before they have deteriorated or are completely destroyed due to typical male or female pattern baldness.


It requires a great deal of experience and expertise to apply truly effective PRP treatments. At Architects of Skin, our skilled staff use the highest quality PRP treatments to deliver the most outstanding results.

We also only use the best, officially approved, PRP harvesting systems that yield 8-9% concentration of platelet-rich plasma. Discounted non-approved systems produce much lower yields of about 2% and are not nearly as effective.

To achieve your best outcome, we recommend a minimum of 4-6 treatments, although this may vary between individuals.

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