Halfeti 100ml Luxury Room Mist


Our Regal Room Mists act as a light blanket of scented mist.  So effortless and perfect for spontaneous scenting anytime.  Ideal for spaces where using a candle or diffuser is not possible or practical.

4.5 cm dia X 15cm high

Apsley and Company

Our Luxury Room Mists act as a light blanket of mist, which means they’re multi-functional and apt to use anytime. They’re effortless, allowing a quick burst of scent into any space without the worry of cutting wicks and taking care of a candle. Where Luxury Scented Candles aren’t always practical, Scented Space Room and Linen Sprays shine in every situation.

With a burst of fragrance, you can freshen up soft furnishings like couches, rugs, bedding or even car interiors. For those situations where you need a little reminder of home, bringing along your favourite scent can be the comforting touch you need. From hotel bedding, to a quick spritz of your suitcase before packing clothing, our Regal Room mists are the perfect addition to your travelling kit.

TOP  Black Rose
HEART Violet
BASE  Musk
SYMBOL flower/wood log
VOL/SIZE 100ml / 3.3 fl oz