Redness & Rosacea


Have you noticed redness on your face that doesn’t go away? Rosacea is a common condition that affects 1 in 20 people and is characterised by facial redness. A combination of laser and medical-grade skin care can alleviate the signs.

Redness and Rosacea can be unpleasant. It may begin as a flushing on your cheeks that comes and goes, which you may not think is problematic. However, left untreated, this redness deepens and lasts longer, then can become permanent with visible broken blood capillaries appearing on the surface of the skin and staying put.

Redness and Rosacea usually appears on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, between the brows. It can also be found on the neck, scalp, chest and ears. In addition to the redness, you may notice bloodshot or watery eyes, burning or stinging on the face, and your skin may be sensitive.

The exact cause of Redness and Rosacea is unknown, But it’s thought that stress, diet (foods including liver, yoghurt, cheese, and spicy/chilli foods), alcohol, menopause (hot flushes), blood pressure, certain climates and exposure to the sun may play a part or exacerbate the condition.


The skin experts at Architects of Skin will assess your condition and advise the most appropriate treatment.

In many cases, visible broken facial capillaries can only be properly treated by laser.  It is a quick and easy solution that reduces the redness and improves the texture of your skin. We may also recommend a regimen of therapeutic skin care, using our medical-grade skin care products.

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