Firming & Toning


Just as we need to build up our muscles to firm and tone, we also need to strengthen the structure of our skin so that it retains its taut youthful and radiant appearance.

Our Firming & Toning treatments centre on boosting collagen and elastin growth. These are fibres that support your skin’s structure – the building blocks of your skin. Collagen gives skin its firmness while elastin, as its name implies, enables your skin to stretch and bounce back; become elastic. They are both abundant in young skin, but start to break down as you age and as a result of exposure to the sun.

When you improve your skin’s structure, you also improve the appearance of your skin. Tone, texture, firmness and suppleness will all be boosted.

Architects of Skin has a number of treatments available to address skin laxity. Take a look at our options for sagging skin (below), then book a consultation with one of our highly trained clinicians to discuss your individual needs…

Sagging Skin

Our expert skin technicians utilise advanced laser and ultrasound treatments to improve the appearance of crepey and 'saggy' skin.

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