Fat Reduction


Does your body might need a little nudge in the slimming direction? Especially when it comes to the undesirable mummy tummy, dimpled thighs and bat wings? 

You may have been told that exercising more or eating healthier food will get rid of your unwanted body fat. And while this is definitely true to a certain degree, there are just some areas of stubborn fat within the body that fail to budge no matter how many workouts or celery sticks you pack into your day.

It is in areas like these where our specialised heating, freezing and ultrasound contouring treatments can really work some magic – heating or freezing away up to 2cm of unwanted fat cells, leaving the areas sleeker and tighter, and more like the you that you want to be.

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Private: CoolSculpting®

Muffin tops and bat wings could soon be a thing of the past! We have a way to deal with those stubborn areas of fat that simply won't respond to…
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Private: Liposculpture

Less invasive than liposuction, liposculpture offers maximum fat cell removal while 'sculpting' the troublesome area to your desired shape.
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Private: Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Not quite at your bikini body goal? Trim your body of cellulite and other stubborn areas of undesirable fat with a safe, gentle and effective ultrasound treatment.
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Private: TightSculpting®

Finally, there is a fast and effective laser therapy to reduce the unwanted lumps and bumps and saggy skin most women dread ... with no surgery or downtime!
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Private: LipoBlast

When surgery isn't on your radar, our LipoBlast machine is perfect for blasting troublesome fat cells from larger areas of the body, such as the stomach, buttocks and thighs.
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Fat Freezing

You can now remodel your entire figure by eliminating unwanted fat stores. Fat freezing has proven results, with no surgery and no downtime.
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