Younger-looking skin is plump and smooth.

Ageing is simply the process of growing older over time. And it’s this passage of time that eventually impacts the way our skin appears, resulting in common concerns such as wrinkles and sagging.┬áThink of a beautiful firm ripe grape slowly becoming a raisin!

We can blame the falling production of our skin’s collagen and elastin for our deepening lines, wrinkles and hollow cheeks, especially after the age of 30. However, this doesn’t mean we are stuck like this, or even have to let it get to the stage where facial lines and hollows are troubling.

Our expert cosmetic clinicians can help you diminish, and even slow down, the appearance of ageing skin. Treatments often involve “plumping” up areas, such as the cheeks, brow and lips, “filling” deepening lines, and “smoothing out” any bothersome wrinkles. The outcome may shave years from your face.

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Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Sure, wrinkles and deepening lines are a natural consequence of growing older. But there is no reason why you can't…

Lip Enhancements & Augmentation

Our lip filler treatments will help to define your pout just the way you want it. Keep it natural or…

Facial Volume

As skin fibres start to break down and the skin loses its support system, lines and wrinkles can become a…

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