Experience an Ultraceutical© Facial Treatment

We offer a range of facial treatments that use the latest Ultraceutical products and revolutionary practices to give you the best experience that delivers real results.

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A-Zyme Facial

The Rolls Royce of all treatments from Ultraceuticals. This fast-acting, non-invasive, skin rejuvenation treatment combines proven anti-ageing ingredients to deliver real results.

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Ultra-Medi Facial

For skin needling an extra boost. This facial incorporates customised Ultraceuticals Latic and Mandelic peels to slough away dead skin cells.

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Express Facial

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Back Cleansing Treatment

Ideal for those prone to back congestion. Experience a deep clean, exfoliation and extraction.


Teen Facial Treatment

Deep cleansing facial to clear congestion and calm irritation and redness. Includes home care education to help maintain clear skin, so you can always look your best!

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Mindfullness Facial

We incorporate relaxation techniques to leave you feeling calm and refreshed all while treating the skin to have you experience being treated inside and out. Leave floating and glowing.

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