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Can you shave after laser? Do’s, Dont’s & other FAQs

can you shave after laser

Waxing and threading are typically painful and exhausting. Thankfully, there is a highly effective alternative to get rid of unwanted body hair through laser hair removal. You won’t need to regularly shave or wax to keep a smooth, hair-free body because laser hair removal stops hair regrowth. Since laser hair removal is a cosmetic process, […]

Double Chin Removal: Causes & 6 Ways to Do It

double chin removal

You can spend much time staring at your face in a world of selfies and profile photos. It can be challenging to avoid examining your jawline from every aspect. Perhaps you’re considering finding a solution to your double chin. Chubby cheeks and a chin may be adorable on children, but if you’re an adult with […]

12 Myths About Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectables

myths about toxins in cosmetic injectables

When it comes to anti-aging therapies, anti-wrinkle injections like Botox are the most popular. Anti-wrinkle injections are known for their dramatic outcomes and life-changing benefits. However, there are several myths and rumors about this form of anti-aging treatment. And determining which information is accurate and which is not can be difficult. We are Preston’s premier […]